Turning Your Fashion Drawings into Real Items

Do you like to draw beautiful fashion designs and creations? Do you like to create clothing or even fashion accessories designs, at least on paper? Then, you may have a knack of turning your designs in real pieces of clothing or fashion accessories. This could very well be your passion which you excel.

Drawing designs is different from drawing real-life people, animals or objects. Your focus is the clothes and fashion accessories. It takes much fashion sense to be able to create a new design and draw out your designs first before turning it into the real thing.

Turning Your Fashion Drawings into Real Items


After drawing out your designs, get acquainted with clothing fabric, materials, and how each fabric material may sit on the human body. You also need to have a knack with patterns and colors. Create your designs on paper in color is also important so you will know exactly how your design will look like.

Next, get acquainted with a sewing machine to sew your designs into existence. Nowadays, it is relatively easy to learn how to sew using a sewing machine. There are many different resources at your fingertips, including sewing training and courses and ho-to instructional sewing videos as well as printed sewing manuals.

For all hopeful designers, what you can do is to get your designs into real products, and you can of course wear them yourself or give them to your family or friends to wear. You can keep a sketchbook of fashion designs and get your friends to select a design that they like and you may think of selling your designs and even transform it to a wearable handmade work of fashion!

You can start your own online store with your own brand once you have enough clothing pieces and accessories to fill your store. You may also want to think about approaching local fashion stores, that are always on the lookout for new fashion clothing and accessories to sell.

It is more than possible for anyone to turn fashion drawings into real items, should anyone wish to do so! Turning your fashion drawings into real clothing pieces or clothing accessories, like jewelry or handbags, is a great way to express ourselves and possibly even impress yourself, family and friends as a side fashion design business. In addition to being fun and exciting, you may find that your passion can turn into a profitable career opportunity.

Originally posted 2020-06-02 10:33:30.

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