More About Drawing Eyes

There is one thing that artists love to draw is the human eye. If you have the ability to draw the eye beautifully and realistically, it is a skill that you can indeed learn and an achievement when you mastered it.

More About Drawing Eyes


The eye is a complex form on the face. There are important parts of the eye that you will need to be aware of when drawing the eye:

  1. Eyeball
  2. Eyebrows
  3. Eyelids
  4. Eyelashes
  5. The pupil
  6. The iris


The eyeball is the spherical part of the eye. It is shaped in an egg-shaped protruding manner. You should understand that we can see the pupil and iris on the eyeball and you can find eyelids over the top and eyelashes on the top and bottom of the eyelids. Note that the top eyelid move over the eye from the top to bottom.

One tip is to draw the white portion of the eye realistically as well besides the iris, eyelashes. The white portion is a sphere. Correct shading and drawing shadows in them will create the sphere shape of the eye and make it realistic.


The eyebrows are the top portion of the eye and you have the freedom to decide on the shape that you like as an artist of the person. There are arched and curved brows or plain straight to reflect what the character is feeling at the moment. Start from the center when starting to draw the eyebrows. Use strokes to draw the eyelashes. Use shading, blending to complete the eyebrows.


For the eyelids, they are lids above the eyeball. The eyeball spherical shape gives the lids its shape. When the eyelids are retracted, they have visible creases or folds which that should be accurately rendered.

Note the odd little shape which is the tear drain situated on the inside corner of your eye should be noted and drawn accurately as well.


Ensure that eyelashes are sprouting from eyelids and not anywhere else from the eye. Also, they usually grow in clumps. Draw them that way. It is interesting to study how they grow and the direction they are going. Note that there is a difference in size for eyelashes at the bottom lid compared to the upper lid. The ones on the upper lid are larger. Since they grow in clumps, they are also usually entangled.


The iris is a circular part of the eye. Draw the circle of the iris which generally takes up two-quarters of the eye horizontally. Since the eyeball reflects reflection, draw the outline of the highlight which is the light source from a nearby window for example. The highlight should be drawn as a skewed since the eyeball itself is spherical in shape.


The pupil is located in the center of the iris. The iris size changes allowing light to enter the eye. The pupil gets wider in dark places and narrower in brighter places. You can shade the pupil with a slight reflection to show that it still reflects some light.

Ultimately, you should finish off the eye by drawing shadows cast from the light source. To really understand how the eye is drawn in detail, I’ve included a great tutorial here from RapidFireArt and you can practice drawing the human eye to perfection. Enjoy!

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