Drawing Human Figure – the Female Body

Drawing the human figure, especially the female body takes practice. It is a study to understand the build, proportions and curves of the female body and getting it down on paper. After much practice, anyone can draw the human figure quickly and easily.

The female and male bodies are definitely different and proportion and build. You have to get the curves right as well to make your human figure to look believable. This tutorial will help you master the drawing technique and I’m sure you will find drawing tips and ideas here very helpful.

There is always a structure that you want to start off with. Determine the facing and sitting of the human object gravitationally. You don’t want your human figure or any parts of it to look like they are floating in mid-air! Enjoy!

Drawing Human Figure - the Female Body


If you are into drawing comics and anime, this tutorial will be helpful to you. We hope you will enjoy this!

Thank you for checking this how-to tutorial out and you may find more tutorials under the categories in Drawing Creative. Enjoy!

Originally posted 2020-05-03 04:22:10.

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