Draw the Human Posture

One of the most valuable skills to master is to draw the human posture realistically. You will find that realistic poses are the way people carry themselves. You want your figures to look natural rather than stiff. A great drawing of the human posture shows character, depth rather than appear flat and stiff.

Draw the Human Posture


Why is it difficult to create a natural-looking drawing of someone simply standing? The fact is that there are many forces at play in the human body at all times that work to keep it upright. These forces push and pull against each other. Therefore, there is actually a lot going on in a simple standing pose.

Being Observant and Use a Mirror

One really good way to learn drawing dynamic and not stiff-looking human poses is to be observant of the human body. You can pose in front of a mirror and observe how you can draw yourself in different interest poses effectively. This also works on facial expressions of the face and how you can draw human expressions successfully.

Study Human Anatomy and Body Proportions

Next, many artists study the anatomy of the human body. Artists study the proportion of the human limbs and the differences between male and female human bodies. They study the muscles used in various poses.

They learn to draw muscles, flabs, chest, hair and learn how gravity acts on our body movement as well. Artists learn to draw big, skinny, tall and muscular persons in various poses.

Use a Human Mannequin

A tool that artists to help them draw various human poses is the use of a wooden human mannequin (12 inches tall) which you can purchase easily from department stores.

Check Out References

Of course, a great way to learn how to draw human poses is to reference human poses from references in books, online, or photos. But, you may not exactly find the pose and in the perspective that you want in your drawing composition.

Practice and Practice

A skillful artist can always draw the human posture and pose from the imagination. It is a matter of practice.

There are some techniques that can help you to master this skill. These includes:

  1. Drawing the body at different angles,
  2. Drawing different types of posture,
  3. Draw and observe the action of counterforces, equilibrium, foreshortening, standing poses, dramatic poses, seated poses, shoulder poses, arm poses, and leg poses.
  4. Draw seemingly difficult gestures, such as drawing the arms folded across the chest which are famous for driving artists nuts. When you master this, you would be the only few people going to making your friends go nuts seeing that you can draw complex gestures while they can’t.

Human posture and figure-drawing are used especially if you are an illustrator, a comics artist, a cartoonist, or a manga artist. The objective of drawing realistic human posture is to draw them lifelike and engaging. It is fun when you can do it effortlessly. So grab a pencil, and let’s start drawing.

Originally posted 2020-06-04 10:09:50.

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