Drawing Face in Any Angle

How To Draw A Face From Any Angle

Drawing the human face is a skill that every artist can master and especially when you can draw the human face at any angle. I’m sure you will find the instruction in this post very invaluable in your quest to learn this skill. Learn how to draw the front and side view of the human…

Drawing Eyes Realistically

How to Draw Realistic Eyes

Have you wanted to draw a realistic human eye and face with all the details of eyelashes, brows, etc? There are many aspects of getting the eyes right. You need to get the eye reflections right and the texture of the skin and eyelashes and brows just right as well. Check out this how-to draw…

Human Eye

More About Drawing Eyes

There is one thing that artists love to draw is the human eye. If you have the ability to draw the eye beautifully and realistically, it is a skill that you can indeed learn and an achievement when you mastered it. The eye is a complex form on the face. There are important parts of…

Human Pose Drawing

Draw the Human Posture

One of the most valuable skills to master is to draw the human posture realistically. You will find that realistic poses are the way people carry themselves. You want your figures to look natural rather than stiff. A great drawing of the human posture shows character, depth rather than appear flat and stiff. Why is…

Male Anatomy Proportion Drawing

Male Anatomy Proportion Drawing

In this tutorial, we will look into how to draw the human male anatomy in correct proportions. I’ve found that drawing the male human body challenging, even comparing to drawing the female human body. Try this tutorial out as it is simple enough to learn the proper proportions. This is a pencil sketch and also…

Draw Realistic Face

Realistic Face Drawing

This tutorial illustrates drawing using colored pencils which have become very popular among budding new artists. Beginner artists colored pencils to express their creativity; mainly because it is easier to control the drawing and convenience colored pencils offer. Oil paint appears to present much bigger challenges for new artists. Working with colored pencils is a…

Drawing Female Figure

Drawing Human Figure – the Female Body

Drawing the human figure, especially the female body takes practice. It is a study to understand the build, proportions and curves of the female body and getting it down on paper. After much practice, anyone can draw the human figure quickly and easily. The female and male bodies are definitely different and proportion and build….