Drawing Creativity

Drawing from Creative Side of the Brain

Drawing is an acquired skill, not a talent. I’ve seen many who were willing to tap into their hidden artistic abilities to learn many secrets of sophisticated drawings, painting, and illustrations. It is easy now to learn techniques and step-by-step instructions for drawing everything from simple spheres to apples, trees, buildings, and the human hand…

Nature Scenery Drawing

Nature Scenery Drawing

In my previous post, I alluded that every artist should keep a sketchbook by his/her side always. This give the opportunity to sketch an idea, a scene, a person if the opportunity arises. There are so many things that you can draw; faces, trees, plants, roots, rocks, and mountains. In this tutorial, we show you…

Human Eye

More About Drawing Eyes

There is one thing that artists love to draw is the human eye. If you have the ability to draw the eye beautifully and realistically, it is a skill that you can indeed learn and an achievement when you mastered it. The eye is a complex form on the face. There are important parts of…

Human Pose Drawing

Draw the Human Posture

One of the most valuable skills to master is to draw the human posture realistically. You will find that realistic poses are the way people carry themselves. You want your figures to look natural rather than stiff. A great drawing of the human posture shows character, depth rather than appear flat and stiff. Why is…

Elements Drawing

Elements of a Successful Artwork

Every drawing or artwork starts with a series of quick sketches and being aware of your own style, and expressing that style, be it realistic and representational or abstract and expressive. In essence, the true joy of drawing is that there is no correct style as everyone has their own interpretation. An artist has the…

Fashion Design

Turning Your Fashion Drawings into Real Items

Do you like to draw beautiful fashion designs and creations? Do you like to create clothing or even fashion accessories designs, at least on paper? Then, you may have a knack of turning your designs in real pieces of clothing or fashion accessories. This could very well be your passion which you excel. Drawing designs…

Drawing Hair Styles

Drawing Hairstyles

Hairstyles that you draw on your characters can really help show the personality of your character. I think a lot of artists keep the hairstyle simple but knowing how to draw various different styles of hairstyles can make your drawing interesting and characters believable and come to life! And if you are into more details…


Why I Keep a Sketchbook

If you are an avid artist, I would seriously recommend you keep a sketchbook and treat it as a much-loved piece of drawing material. Jot down ideas or draw things from our everyday life. Doodle and draw ideas which may become a great project idea for you in the future. Why keep a sketchbook A…

Male Anatomy Proportion Drawing

Male Anatomy Proportion Drawing

In this tutorial, we will look into how to draw the human male anatomy in correct proportions. I’ve found that drawing the male human body challenging, even comparing to drawing the female human body. Try this tutorial out as it is simple enough to learn the proper proportions. This is a pencil sketch and also…

Summer Landscape Painting

A Summer Landscape by Viktor Yushkevich

A painting paints a thousand words! This beautiful painting named “Summer Wonders” by Viktor Yushkevich give us a beautiful picture of a summer landscape. This is what art collections and exhibitions are made of! If you love this painting, this tutorial will show how this is done and the paint technique and brush strokes used….